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Can we get a "Woot Woot"?

Applications for Director Level CDPH licenses are open!

I'm pleased to inform you that the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) is now accepting applications for the Director


evel license, available since July 25, 2023, for those who meet the qualifications.


The qualifications can be found on the CDPH website here:


If you have been waiting to apply for the Director level license, please follow these steps:


1. CDPH must notify you in writing within 90 days of receiving your application that it is either:

   A) Complete and will be processed

   B) Incomplete and not accepted for processing (they must specify what is missing)

   C) Reviewed but does not meet requirements, so approval is denied (they must explain why)


2. If you do not respond within 30 days to incomplete application notifications, CDPH will deem your application abandoned.


3. CDPH's timeline for processing complete applications is as follows:

   A) Median time is 90 days  

   B) Minimum time is 30 days

   C) Maximum time is 150 days


4. You must notify CDPH in writing of any name/address changes within 30 days.


If you believe CDPH is non-compliant with these timelines, please email & and cc and Shane Zozula

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