Tuesday, JUNE 7th

About our Speakers

Erik Marsh is the Vice President of Business Development for LifeAire Systems, LLC. Erik has expertise in managing projects in the design of HVAC systems for IVF clinics throughout the world. He has an extensive understanding of the requirements in designing laboratories to achieve optimal air quality required for strong clinical outcomes. For Erik, LifeAire Systems represents a perfect synergy between his experience in the medical device industry and his knowledge of the design-build process. Mr. Marsh earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business & Economics from Lafayette College, where he was an All-American football player, setting several school records that stand today.

About the Event

Come join us for our 2nd annual meeting. It's a 2 for one special night! We'll be discussing two important topics. First, we'll learn about the IVF lab intruders that we can't see! It's those little sneaky VOC's that can have a detrimental effect on what we work so hard to maintain so you don't want to miss this one! Following that, we'll be discussing the importance of laboratory witnessing to reduce the risk of errors. We all know the lab can get chaotic and it's easy to make a little mistake that can have a very big impact! Hopefully this will lead to labs discussing how they operate and what they can do to streamline their tasks.

Upcoming Meeting Dates!!

       Tuesday, June 7th

        Tuesday, Sept 20th

        Tuesday, Dec 6th

TIME: 5:30 cocktails

            6:00 start time

LOCATION: 264 Fresco

                      264 Carlsbad Village Dr

                      Carlsbad, CA 92008

TOPIC: HVAC in ART: Know what's  above your ceiling and if it is providing optimal air to your laboratory! 

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