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-Chief Executive Officer of SCARB

-Implements policy established by the Executive Board

-Presides over all meetings of SCARB and the Executive Board

-Serves an additional 1 year term as Past-President up completion of his/her 2 year term


-Automatically succeeds the office of the President at the end of his/her 2 year term

-Assists the President in the performance of his/her duties

-Assumes the duties of the President in his/her absence

-Performs other duties as assigned by the President and Executive Board


-Records and keeps custody of the minutes of the proceedings of all meetings

-Ensures that minutes are mailed to members of the Executive Board and other active members upon request

-Makes by-laws available for reference at all meetings along with a list of all officers and members

-Keeps all communications received, copies of letters sent, reports and other documents and records

-Notifies all members of dates, times and locations of future meetings

Industry Liason

-Serves to facilitate the SCARB organization and it's commercial partners 

-Communicates directly with SCARB's commercial vendors to ensure that the interests of SCARB and its partners are met according to the mission statement of the organization


-Receives all monies due the Association, pays all bills provided for in the budget or verified by the President

-Maintains records of books

-Tenders a financial report for each meeting

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