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Did someone say Scholarship?

Thanks to our generous partners and members, SCARB is pleased to announce our new SCHOLARSHIP FUND

Please apply for the 2023 season! We will be giving away scholarships for 2023 after reviewing our 2022 applications!

ASRM 2022!

ASRM 2022 is in our own backyard! That means, no cancelled flights, crowded planes or long delays! 

This year, SCARB will be giving away 2 registration fees for any SCARB member! Names will be drawn at our September meeting (9/13/2022). Winners must be present to win.

Here's how it works: 

    1. Eligible entries only if dues are current.

    2. Individuals will be entered into the lottery for every meeting attended. The most meetings you attend, the greater your chances of winning! 

    3. Paid registration only. Does not include food, travel or hotel.

    4. Registration applies to both ASRM members and non-ASRM members.

     5. Vendors excluded.

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