Did someone say Scholarship?

Thanks to our generous partners and members, SCARB is pleased to announce our new SCHOLARSHIP FUND

Starting in 2022, SCARB will be offering two scholarships up to $2000 each to applicants.


Rules are as follows: 

      1. Applicant MUST be an active member of SCARB and must be current on all dues.

      2. Applicant MUST be an active and practicing Embryologist or Andrologist (free lance welcome) and must apply for funds to be used as a tool for further professional education and/or licensing. 

     3. Scholarships will be awarded by the elected SCARB Board Members & 2 appointed non board members. Scholarships will be voted on and determined by majority vote.

     4. Scholarship funds will be paid as a rebate up to $2000 to the awarded SCARB member and must be pre-approved by the board in order to be reimbursed.

All *applications for 2022 MUST be emailed to scarbsecretary@gmail.com by 12/31/2021.